Friday, May 23, 2008

Prairie Excavation,Inc Goes Big

Monday night one of the founders of Prairie Excavation, Inc decided to go from the living room carpet to the Joe Moss Head Gate; from the plastic to the real deal.

Several nights lately we have had to drive up to Joe's to check the water we're diverting from the creek to the ditch. This ditch travels miles across other places to our irrigating pipes and reservoir. There is a blessing of water this year, which we haven't had much of in about 7 years now. We're grateful for every bit of it, however it brings a lot of work!

Here is a clip of The Prairie Excavator going big.

Before The Prairie Excavator started his sludge removal and when we first pulled in at Joe's, I spotted a furry brown thing across the creek. I ran back to the car for my video camera and hurried to get these next clips.

It is so much fun to have a lifestyle where we get to see wildlife so often! And such a variety of it! We've been blessed for a couple days now with rain and snow. I think we may end up with close to 2.5" of moisture out of this storm by the time it is done! It is like liquid gold for us here on the ranch! Thank You, Lord!

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Amanda said...

I remember liquid gold being something totally different. It was a little bit more smelly than water. Bless God for the rain. We'll see you tonight.