Friday, May 9, 2008

With A Little Help From My Friends

This post is a tribute to My Friends. I have needed a little help this week and some Wonderful Women stepped in and gladly gave their "Special Needs Friend" a little help (thank you, Molly for so lovingly coining this appropriate title for me).

So, it would only be appropriate in this tribute to have this song dedicated to:

Faith the Fabulous. Thank you for your company and the wonderful high carb, high fat lunch.

Molly the Marvelous. Thank you for driving my car, my cart, my kid, thinking of bubbles, and getting your hair cut next to me.

Lorelee the Lovable. Thank you for your company, blowing bubbles with and reading to my kid, and keeping him awake so that I could enjoy a nice movie while he napped at home.

Wonderful Women, here's to you. But thanks for not helping me get high like the Beatles talk about.


Dave said...

Erin, thanks for the tribute.
Just know that this dizzy spell will eventually come to an end. Hang in there!
Also know that you are a beautiful dizzy blonde even if you tip to the right when you walk and sometimes look like you may step on small children at church.
Even though you are "special needs" right now you will never stop being special even when you stop spinning.
Have a very focused Day!

wyofaith said...

You can't get high off of cheese and butter?