Friday, August 15, 2008

101st Post: Prairie Carpet Cleaning: Does This Take The Cake?

Prairie Carpet Cleaning

We had a new experience the other day. It temporarily left me in a mood that I think my child would prefer to never see again. I hope he remembers that the next time he has a little too much free time. You see, I was mowing the yard. And he was outside with me. I would wave and he would wave back. For a while he even pushed his plastic lawn mower around the yard. At one point I didn't see him anymore. I hoped that maybe he was just in the garage playing. I thought to myself, "should I go check on him?" But I decided to just keep plugging away so I could get finished.

He came back out and seemed to be just fine. This happened twice. And finally I was done and went in the house. Everything seemed to be just fine. Until...

I was going out with the girls to dinner and the rodeo in just a little bit. I needed to get cleaned up and ready to go. This was Monica the Magnificent's last few days in Wyoming. We were going to make the most of it. And Reba the Radiant was going too. So I headed downstairs to take a shower. The rest is self explanatory:

Did you catch that The Prairie Kid said "the toof-paste office" instead of "bathroom"?!? Did you here him try to blame it on Daddy? Did he seriously think I would have believed that considering Daddy wasn't even around? I guess you can't blame a kid for trying but that ain't flyin' at this prairie house!

I was really thinking there was no way I would be able to get the toothpaste out of the carpet. Thankfully we have a Dirt Devil Carpet Scrubber and without too much hassle it did the trick. I don't think it would've come out if it had dried out much.

I think I'll try to stick to mowing while The Toothpaste-Loving Prairie Kid is taking a nap.

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