Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Inevitable

As much as I tried to avoid it, ignore it, refuse it, prolong it, shove it under the rug, hault it, stall it, stop happened. My baby had another birthday. Now we haven't yet had the full celebration; the birthday party happens this weekend. Actually, we're having two! One on Saturday with family and then a combined birthday bbq on Sunday with some friends. The Prairie Daddy's birthday is on Friday this week as well.

We did have The Prairie Kid open up some presents though. And he already went in for his "3 year check up." He is a whopping 3'4" tall and is just under 40 pounds! That puts him in the 97% on weight and 96% on height. I think he is in WAY too big a' hurry to grow up!


Let's look back 3 years ago.

Where did my baby go?

Sigh, again.

Now, I have something really special for fact, it is pretty much like a birthday present for each of you. This is some funny stuff I'd say. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You know we've wondered about The Prairie Kid's amazing talent with sports, especially baseball, but this makes me wonder about a future in the music industry! Maybe he'll be a baseball player who plays the guitar and sings as he runs the bases. Hmmm.


erin said...

They do grow up too quickly! He is precious in his photos, then and now.

Amanda said...

What a riot! You must laugh constantly! Tade's the type of boy I would want.

Prairie Mama said...

He is precious, and a riot! I don't know if another child could provide better entertainment than this kid!