Monday, August 18, 2008

Unwelcome Guests

Is it going to be a super cold, long winter? Is this a hint that we should prepare? What is up with this?

We have two cats that are GREAT mousers outside. We haven't had mice problems for years! And now, we are INFESTED! I am going to gross you out in this next section. You have been forewarned!

Let me just list out what INFESTED means right now:

- mice running around in the walls behind our heads as we lay in bed!

- mice getting trapped in a wall on the other side of our bedroom and then dying and rotting!

- mice in the trap under the kitchen sink!

- mice running through our family room at night while we're hanging out!

- mice in our trash can eating The Prairie Kid's dirty diapers!

You might be thinking "Ooooh! Gross! The Prairie Family is disgusting! They've got mice and smells all over their house! That's just sick!" Believe you me, it IS sick and I wish there was an easy solution. I just want to take a moment to remind you that we live in the middle of the prairie. That means other than our house there isn't another warm, cuddly structure to hide in within two miles! We can't help it! I didn't choose it! We have traps out! We have cats! We even cut a hole in the wall to see if we could prevent the trapping, dying, and rotting. It didn't work! We put air freshener plug-ins by our bedroom to help relieve the fragrant odors lurking in the deep dark. We put peanut butter on the traps. IT ISN'T WORKING!!!

But instead of dwelling on the disgusting, horrible infestation, I do what I always do...


Yes, I asked The Prairie Daddy to let him go. It isn't my problem if they get killed in a trap but I don't like the thought of killing them with our own hands. If this mouse is stupid enough to come back then he'll likely find one of the traps because there will be more around next time.

Don't you love that I am willing to share the good, the bad, and the gross and stinky with you? At least you will know that The Prairie Life isn't all glamour and glitz. (Oh, sometimes I just crack myself up).

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erin said...

That mouse sure looks cute in your trash can, like a little mouse from a kid's musical movie, almost like it will burst into song at any time. But I'm so glad it was in your trash can and not mine! Maybe you guys need to buy (I mean adopt) so more cats?