Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekly News With The Prairie Mama

Breaking News #1: The Prairie Mama Is Old
It is Saturday morning and I have been up since 6:30. That is not normal, or enjoyable for this loves-to-sleep-in Mama. However, I am on a routine now. That makes me feel like turning 30 has changed me. This is not something I have experienced before. Along with waking up early, I am feeling old because every day this week the clothes were neatly laid out before bed for the next day, I woke up before I was supposed to, I was in the car early, and to VBS well before I needed to be EVERY DAY! When I was young (you know, like when I was 29) I would have been able to get up early the first day and then I would have been late and scrambling by the end. And I would have slept until at least 9 on a Saturday morning.

Breaking News #2: VBS Slaughters Proper Eating Habits

On Monday I ate leftover pizza for breakfast.

On Wednesday morning I ate leftover Taco Bell for breakfast in the car on the way to VBS.

On Wednesday evening I greeted the Prairie Daddy at the door. "I have been naughty," I confessed. "I ate cheesecake and Cheetos for dinner at 4pm. And I didn't cook you any supper. But, there is more cheesecake and Cheetos if you want to come join me." And cheesecake and Cheetos is all I ate for dinner that night.

On Thursday I ate a 1/4 of a coconut cream pie before bed.

And on Friday:
Breakfast: 2 cookies (one was oatmeal raisin, which was healthier than the chocolate chip)and an iced latte
Lunch: A bag of pizza flavored Combos and a frappacino
Dinner: A hot dog (just the dog) as I drove home (I did eat some salad, a peach with Fiber One and some popcorn as I watched the Olympic opening celebration)

Wow. That VBS is not very diet friendly! This morning I made The Prairie Daddy and I a nice balanced breakfast.

Breaking News #3: Prairie Kid Blows Out Of VBS

I shared on Monday that The Prairie Kid had some issues at VBS the first day. Tuesday was even worse and Tuesday night my child was a total wreck. I realized that this was too much for him at this time. He is used to being in a house on the prairie with his Mommy all day, every day most of the week. Getting up early, driving 40 minutes, and then going through hours of stimulation with lots and lots of transitions, people changes, and organized chaos was too much.

I hired a babysitter Wednesday and Thursday and Friday The Prairie Kid went to Grandma's. Whew. That was much better.

Overall VBS was awesome. I enjoyed my preschoolers immensely and the team I got to work with was great. Over 140 kids participated throughout the week. It was fantabulous! AND I didn't have to deal with any more bodily fluids (until last night when a 3 month old baby blew green poo out of her diaper out all over her mom).

Breaking News #4: I Am Not In Seattle

I am sad about this news. I wanted to go to Seattle this weekend with the rest of my family to be able to celebrate my step-brother's wedding this afternoon. Ticket prices were outrageous and I decided that since The Prairie Daddy couldn't go I would save that ticket money for another time. Now knowing they're all there together makes me really sad. And one of my sister's birthday is on Tuesday and they'll all be there for that as well. : ( I miss you guys.

In Other News:

My friend Sarah is a missionary to Russia. Her blog name is under my "friends" list on the right. She is home with her parents now in Alaska and has had some unexpected things come up. Sarah had a routine physical when she went home for what she thought was a short visit. The doctor found a lump on her thyroid. Many more tests took place over the next 2 weeks and Sarah met with her doc yesterday. The test results were inconclusive and they have scheduled to remove her thyroid via surgery. There is a chance that Sarah has cancer but that is unknown at this time.

Please join me in praying for Sarah. Her heart is to be in Russia where she just finished her 2 years of language school. She was just getting ready to start the work that she has been called to do. May she be continually blessed by the peace and grace of God. I know she is already experiencing God's peace and patience but let's really lift her up.

A New Neighbor

Some friends of ours moved to Canada 2 1/2 years ago, had two adorable boys (who are now 1 and 2) and are now moving back. They have decided to rent a house on the ranch next to ours up the road! I am SO excited that they'll be living "next door." Okay, on the prairie "next door" really means about 4 miles but hey, who's counting? I hope that we'll be able to share our lives with our little boys together. It would benefit The Prairie Kid to have some continued camaraderie with other kids and develop more than a "see you at the church nursery" relationship. And, I could sure use the camaraderie with another Prairie Mom.

Lil' Miss Is Going Home

Lil' Miss will be traveling to Texas to be reunited with her mom this next week. We will say our goodbyes to her at church in the morning. I believe this is a good thing, they've been apart for almost a year. Let's pray that everything works out well for all of them and that Lil' Miss' grandparents are brave and strong and have peace as they let go.

I am Prairie Mama and this has been Weekly News. From all of us here on The Prairie, have a great weekend.

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