Monday, August 18, 2008

A Sweet Weekend Date

The Prairie Kid got dropped off at Auntie's house on Saturday morning so The Prairie Daddy and I could enjoy a weekend date. The Prairie Daddy got me a great birthday present this year: a scenic boat tour in the Big Horn Canyon. It is like the Grand Canyon of Wyoming. We hadn't been there and it was awesome.
Here is our boat...the yellow one.

I put a little movie together for you so you could see some of what we saw.

After our boat trip we drove up into the Big Horn Mountains. It was perfect timing for wildlife viewing because it was just at dusk. In 30 minutes we saw 7 moose! And at the base of the Big Horns we saw an amazing full moon. The video doesn't do it justice.

We had a quick dinner at 9pm in Shell and headed home. Sunday was a relaxing day around the house with a movie, games, and junk food! A special thanks goes out to both of the Auntie's and the Nephew that made our weekend possible. And you wore The Prairie Kid out so much he slept on the way home and asked to go immediately to bed when we got here last night. He didn't even get a second wind!

Prairie Daddy can we have another date weekend again soon? I miss you already!

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