Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Not Hiding Behind My Shield...

I am going forward with my sword in the air!

16. Thermometers.
17. Natural remedies for flu symptoms.
18. Children's Motrin.
19. Epsom salt.
20. Being able to love on a little boy who doesn't feel well.
21. Left over Halloween candy to bribe a 4 year old to take the nasty-tasting remedies.
22. Videos.
23. God's gentle correction. He turned me from my flesh this morning.
24. Psalm 25.
25. 60 high school football players saying "thank you" for the baked potato I put on their plate last night at their team dinner before semi-finals.
26. Good grass fed natural beef.
27. Sleep.
28. Comfy sweat pants.
29. Honey.
30. The sound of a child singing.

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