Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wrapping It Up

I am going to finish my "thankful" list today. It has been good for me though!

181. Finding recipes online.
182. A happy preschooler.
183. Cleaning out the toys.
184. Throwing junk away.
185. Picking out things to donate to kids who don't have as many toys.
186. Organized toy shelves.
187. Having a good, deep belly laugh.
188. Non-stick cooking spray.
189. Freezers.
190. Celebrating birthdays.
191. Old friends.
192. God giving me glimpses of "what's next."
193. Armor.
194. Watching people accept the risky calls God has on their lives.
195. Community.
196. Bake sales.
197. Grants.
198. Deodorant.
199. Tape.
200. Finishing projects.