Monday, November 2, 2009

Toothy Times

The Prairie Kid was excited to carve a pumpkin with me this year. I thought it would be fun to Google "happy jack-o-lanterns" and have him pick a face. Unfortunately, scary ones came up on the search too and that is where he fixated. I decided it wasn't worth the battle and I didn't want to "ruin" his fun pumpkin carving experience so I went through the pictures with him and we agreed on a "scary enough" for him but a not-too-scary for me face.

We started out with a beautiful pumpkin from our church's youth fund raiser:

We drew the face on and I cut the pieces so that The Prairie Kid could pull the chunks out

The Prairie Daddy came home and joined in the fun

And wah-lah! A toothy finished product!
On Halloween we have a great, fun party at our church. The Prairie Kid decided the day before that he would be a lion. I didn't push for an answer ahead of time because I had 4 things ready to throw together without having to go buy anything for an indecisive, "change-your-mind-every-five-minutes" four year old. I was happy he wanted to be a lion, it was my first choice!

I got to paint his face up:
And I sure thought he was one cute ferocious lion
Oooh, toothy.

Now the only remnants of Halloween are plastic wrapped morsels of goodness that The Prairie Mama has to constantly explain are limited and for after lunch and dinner only. : )

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Amanda said...

It looks like you majored in Face Painting 101. Great job!