Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventure Time

We're leaving for Laramie in a few hours. The Prairie Kid's Hero, and cousin, made it to the state championship football game with his team. He's a senior and has had quite a season. We've loved going to watch his games. For the first time the high school championships are going to be played in the stadium at the University of Wyoming. We're excited to head down there to support him.

The Prairie Daddy and I are both alumni of UW. And The Hero's brother and his wife live in Laramie (remember the wedding in which The Prairie Kid was the ring bearer? That's them!), as well as some other friends of ours. It should be a fun time.

I am not quite sure what I am going to eat yet. That is the stinky part of life right now when I leave home. This might be a struggle. I guess I will have to pack some of my "pre-made" meals that I put in the freezer. I've been making big batches of things that sound good that I can actually eat and freezing meal-size portions. It has help a lot. Not really what I want for the road but after a few bad nights and a flare up I am not willing to risk it.

I will see my bioscanner in the morning. I sure hope he figures something out with me. I am really, really ready to have some relief and answers. This has been a rough season.

Well, I suppose I won't be getting anywhere blogging! I need to get this family packed and on the road! Yay! Go Broncs!

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