Friday, July 11, 2008

The Birthday Mini-Series: Part 3: Great Gifts

The morning after the party was the 4th of July.

Side Note: The 4th is my actual birthday. I was born at 10:02am on July 4, 1978 in Denver, CO. I was two weeks past due. I always was a mama's girl. I was 8lbs 11 1/2 oz and 21 1/2 inches long.

There wasn't any plan or rush on my birthday. We were out SUPER late the night before. Since the dance at the party didn't get going like I hoped we decided to go out. We got some good dancing in but the whole scene is not one I like. I by-passed the band singing me "Happy Birthday" and giving me a shot that had a crude name. I stick to water in an atmosphere like this. It was crowded and smokey and some intoxicated girl was hitting on my hubby and fell down under our table. Fun, eh? However, I was there to dance and dance I did!

My birthday breakfast request was Eggs Florentine. Yummy!!! Don't know what that is? It is a toasted English muffin open-faced with a poached egg, spinach, tomato and Hollandaise sauce! Mmmm!

And then it was time for presents.

My mom and her hubby gave me a great card with a hefty amount of cash. And then what came next made me cry! She gave me a homemade coupon for a plane ticket on her to either Seattle to visit my sisters, or back to Denver to visit her. MY CHOICE! Wow. Now I have some decisions to make!

One of my sisters sent me a gift that was Photoshop Elements. She wasn't sure if I needed it so I am actually going to trade it in for some movie making software since I have Gimp 2. I am really excited to have a good movie maker. Yippee!

The Prairie Daddy and The Prairie Kid brought in their "stack o' gifts" next. It started out with a cute riddle on an envelope: "What is black and sweet and yummy and rhymes with toffee?"

COFFEE! Yippee! I can live up to my "You might be a prairie mama OD on Mudd Hut coffee." Funny, just THE DAY BEFORE I used up my last two coffees from the card he got me at Christmas! Way to go, Cowboy Joe!

And he also got me a gift card to the movies...which means two or three DATE NIGHTS! Yea! Auntie, wanna babysit?

And then there were the two movies that are really for The Prairie Kid, but a gift to a mom cause she gets to take a break while they're being watched.

And the grand finale...

Another riddle. Each page had a line and a picture of some sort of went like this:
Maybe it will be big...
Maybe it will be small...
Maybe it will have a motor...
Maybe it will have a sail...

Where will it be?

And then there was a picture of a lab with his tail circled and it read, "Oh, I think this is a clue."

And he gave me an envelope that said I had to figure it out before I opened it. That clever guy.

So, after a minute or two I realized there was a reservoir in our part of the state that we've never been to called Yellowtail. Get it? The TAIL circled on a YELLOW lab? Man he's clever!

And I opened up the envelope to learn that we are going up to Yellowtail and going on a scenic boat tour with our friend/attorney next month! HOW FUN IS THAT!?!

What is so awesome is that I told hubby just days before that I really wanted time with him for my birthday present! YEA!

The other great gifts I got at my party included:
- a music jewelry box
- a fun lawn sprinkler, fountain
- a beautiful homemade bracelet
- awesome homemade earrings
- sugar scrub, body butter, lotion

I feel like one spoiled birthday girl!

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