Monday, July 14, 2008

The Birthday Mini-Series: Part 7: Ranch Day

We had enough of being on the road since we had gone to Yellowstone and the hot springs. It was time to play on our place. There were horses to ride, places to see, ATV's to run, and a suburban to get stuck in the mud! And that I did well!

The Prairie Daddy and my mom's hubby, The Ol' Nebraska Farm Boy, went out to rake and bale hay. That was their "ranch day."

Horseback riding was a first for one of our crew. It is so much fun to get to experience "firsts" with people. We only have two horse right now that were usable. We are still waiting for the new ones to arrive. This was doable for a little riding around the barn. Here is my mom, Abuelita (as The Prairie Kid calls her), hanging out with two of her grand-boys. I think The Baby needs a cowboy hat, Tia!

Here is a great example of how our family shares The Baby. Because "sharing is caring!"
This is Jed. This is me saddling Jed up for the fam.
This is The Biggest Nephew on a horse that might be too small for him!

And High Noon is taking The New Sister (aka. step-sister, but I don't like that term so we'll use "new sister.") for a little jaunt.
The Prairie Kid is waiting patiently for his turn and petting Patches.
The Culinary Master had a special bond with High Noon and decided to get on.
And here is the first-time rider. He was a natural!
Tia (Auntie) got to take The Prairie Kid around on Jed.
And this is another Nephew and Jed.
There is a neat spot on our ranch that we call Signature Rock. It is a few miles from the barn. The Prairie Daddy gave me special instructions about a boggy area that I would have to drive through on our way to Signature Rock. I followed them carefully trying to avoid the mud and my vehicle having a fight. We lost the fight. Little did The Prairie Daddy know, the boggy spot moved! And it moved right into the area he told me to drive! I sunk the suburban down to the undercarriage!
Thankfully with cell phones and brother-in-laws we were rescued in a short time. However, even in a short time our family can get hungry and we had just enough time to ransack the leftover bag of s'more fixins' that never made it out of the car the night before! We made it out of the bog with bogged down tummies and ventured on to Signature Rock. I am happy to report we did not get stuck on the way out.

Here is a fun picture of one of my sister's and I enjoying the ATV's.
And this is what Ranch Day does to wears you out! Isn't this picture just adorable?

But I saved the best for last. Please don't hate me forever for posting this picture...I just couldn't resist! This is a good woman enjoying Ranch Day to the fullest! Way to live it up, sis!

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