Friday, July 25, 2008

A Heart Like His

I am really excited about a new study that I have started with some other women in my area. We are going through the study "A Heart Like His" by Beth Moore. The study is on David. I have already been challenged even though we're only through one week. I like to be challenged. When I am challenged it means an opportunity to grow. I will share on my blog what I am learning or being challenged by.

This week the challenge came in a way that made me recognize something our culture does and that I have allowed to affect my self-view. David was an extraordinary man. As a young sheep herder he was found by the prophet Samuel through the Lord. And Samuel was directed to anoint him as the upcoming second king to the Israelites. David later was called by King Saul's servants to come to the king and play the harp.

What kind of man plays the harp? One that is tender. One whom is comfortable holding his instrument close to his body. One who is comfortable being alone, like David often was while sheparding.

And on the other hand, David was appointed to be an armor-bearer; he was a brave warrior. He was not afraid to stand up against a fierce enemy and go forward in the name of the Lord. He was even able to put aside the nasty verbal distractions of his jealous older brother. He held strong to what the Lord said about him.

There are two things in this that struck me.

#1: I am easily distracted by the words of others even when I know they are untrue of me.
#2: I am both tender-hearted and strong, like David. But at times I feel that being a woman that is strong is looked down on. And that many tender men are looked down on. This culture has some nasty gender labels.

So, what do I do with these things? I surrender them to my Father that is the author of the truth. I am whole, like Him, when I am both tender and strong. Being strong is not a bad thing. And when I hold onto the truth, I will not be distracted by the untrue things of this world.

Wow. Just one week in and ten to go! I may have some good heart tugging in this study!

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erin said...

I love your insights!