Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Weekend Adventure

county fair -

Every year we go to the county fair. I am always thrilled because the youth livestock sale and the demolition derby are on the same day. Our ranch always buys a pig from one of the local kids.

The animal highlights at the fair this year were some brand new baby goats and a few fun fowl. And there was a little chicken that got out of a cage that I caught and put away. Here are some clips from the barns:

This has got to be one of God's prettiest creations:

We also ate our share of fair food...tacos, pizza, bbq pork sandwiches, snow cones, and a funnel cake. We also tried some "old fashioned" soda...not bad.

We bought The Prairie Kid a few tickets for rides. I encouraged The Prairie Daddy that we didn't need to go overboard on this. It isn't cheap and there will be plenty of years that The Prairie Kid will be begging for more. I came up with a plan...let's buy him as many tickets as he is years and he can "grow" into the rides. Even though he's not quite 3 that's where we started...after all, he's close enough. Before we had the tickets bought he had his first choice ride all picked out. Cars! We strapped him in the little seat, waved goodbye, said "have fun!" and left our little boy to ride his first ride all by himself. And, of course, being the Prairie Mama that I am, I videoed.

One of my big confessions is that I LOVE the demolition derby. This secret auto-crashing love comes bubbling out in me. It is crazy. I get so excited. I yell, I cheer, I hoot and holler; it is thrilling. I also secretly wear ear plugs and that makes it even more enjoyable because IT IS LOUD! I put ear plugs in The Prairie Kids ears also. The Prairie Daddy is way too macho to wear them. Anyways, back to the thrilling crashes. Most years the guy drivers are obviously cautious with their cars. They do everything they can to protect their front end. They do their best to back their cars into each other to do the most damage without breaking down. And every year after the guys do all of their driving is the Powder Puff derby. Any cars that are still running and having willing guys are turned over to the hands of the women. The women care a whole lot more about destroying their opponents then the guys and make for a super-fantastic finale to the show.

This year was a bit different though. The guys seemed to have been taking notes from the gals these past couple of years cause they put on a show! They went in whatever direction they could to crash, boom, and bang. IT WAS AWESOME! It was so awesome that there was barely a car really left for the gals at the end however they pulled of a short Powder Puff. I was impressed to see a gal driving in the main derby though...way to go!

I have to admit, even though I have this video for you I think derbies are meant to be enjoyed in person!

We did witness one guy get hurt and we're hoping it wasn't too bad. Here is the clip of his car getting hit and in this his legs got pinned. It was neat to see the guy who hit him climb in the passenger window and help him out and give him some brotherly derby camaraderie.

Here is the crash where the guys legs get pinned:

Here they are trying to get him out. It didn't take too long before they got him free and they went ahead and loaded him in an ambulance and got him out of there.

Here is what demo derby cars look like after several rounds. Not working so well anymore, eh?

We got home late and had a "fair hangover" on Sunday morning but it was all worth it!

It was another great annual day at the fair.

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