Friday, July 18, 2008

Hi, I'm Johnny Cash

Man, I love my kid. He is so much fun. Even though he is full of "preschool moments" these days, I am still overtaken by the awesome moments of his lively, humorous spirit. Thankfully, he must have wanted to share these moments with you as well because he allowed me to capture them with the video camera.

Here is a live performance from The Prairie Kid doing his rendition of his favorite Johnny Cash song. You might be thinking, "Prairie Mama has already posted a video of The Prairie Kid and his favorite Johnny Cash song." But this one is a bit different. Notice how he counts up to his performance start. It started with "1, 2, 3..." and then the next time it was a bit longer and so on...

You'll want to scroll up on the right and pause my automatic music before you listen to these clips.

The Prairie Kid loves watching himself in the screen of the video camera. I can turn it toward him and he watches himself as I either keep it on standby or record. Thankfully I had it on record during these fun moments...I love how he discovers self-entertainment in this clip:

He's got his ABC's down pretty well I think. Here is some more self-entertainment.

And lastly, here is what Daisy has been up to at our house this week. She's a lively one!

We're off to go see The Prairie Daddy brand a few calves...the ones that were "oop's" by the neighbors of them is the one we pulled this Spring. Haven't seen that post? You might want to find it in the archives; it was awesome!

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