Friday, July 11, 2008

The Birthday Mini-Series: Part 4: You're Really Here?

My birthday dinner request was to go to Shiki...the Japanese restaurant in Cody. They have great sushi and it is a time where I can pretend to experience a little culture in the midst of the not-so-multi cultured prairie. And for those of you who shared this night with me, we really went to Shiki for SHUSHI and TEMPURE-A.

The crew for dinner was The Prairie Daddy, The Prairie Kid, myself, Monica the Magnificent, and the family members who came to town. This included my mom, her hubby, my step-sister, and her 10 yr old son.

Now, I have to tell you the whole story here. We were walking up the sidewalk to the restaurant and I got miffed at The Prairie Daddy. We hung back from the crowd and were having a "discussion." I was really miffed. When we walked in the restaurant I was still miffed. And I was trying to "regain unmiffed composure." My mom came up behind me as we were waiting for someone to come and greet us and she gave me a little "move forward" shove. I did not take this kindly and whipped around and told her not to touch me. Finally, a staff person came up to us and I asked for a booth in the back. I was headed straight for the table because I wasn't composed yet. I walked past the table of people to my right and was beelining it with eyes straight forward for the back. I heard one of the people go "pssssst, psst." I looked over, faked a smile and a "hi" and kept going. For one second. And then I turned in compete disbelief that it was my sister, The Culinary Master, from Seattle! And I looked at the others at the table and it was my whole family! My two nephews, my other sister, her partner... all of them!!!

"You're really here! I can't believe it. You're really here!" And I cried. I was floating in shock for the longest time after that.

And I wasn't miffed anymore.

The Prairie Daddy and Monica the Magnificent didn't know either so they both got to be surprised too!


I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. We surprised my sister for her 30th birthday 2 years ago. I had this little expectation/desire that they would do the same for me. For several weeks I thought about how I would accommodate everyone IF they came. I would have more people than beds. But I had it all figured out...which was good because we ended up with a house full! For the few days before my birthday I was always thinking "they could be coming up the road" or "I should have my house ready early in case they show up."
Every now and then my mom would say a little something that made me suspicious but I honestly let all those hopes go after my party came and went and they weren't there. Because they came after the fact, it made the surprise part REALLY good.
I did get a bunch of grief for not telling them about my party earlier. They already had all of their tickets booked when they received my invitation quietly in the mail. I know they tried to change their flights but honestly, I would not have been half as surprised as I was. I was not expecting it AT ALL and there they were!
Thank you guys. You made this the best birthday I have ever had. I miss you all so much already.

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