Friday, April 11, 2008

The Baby Itch

Yesterday morning I had to say goodbye to my babies so that I could come to Seattle to see the new Nephew. I hate saying goodbye to my hubby and babies but I was in too big of a hurry to get in the airport to start crying like I really felt like doing.

Things were delayed in Denver but the Lord must have known how bad The Baby Itch was getting because despite gate changes, other delays, and a big storm I made it to Seattle only one hour late.

I had called my sister from Denver to warn her about The Baby Itch. I told her that she would have to watch out for symptoms of Baby Itch Insanity. I warned her.

It was bad. I could barely ride in the car with him strapped into the car seat until we reached The Destination. I will tell you more about our destination in a little bit but right now it is all about The Baby Itch.

Once we were inside and in the took everything in me to not put the baby in my mouth because holding him was just NOT enough! This is a severe Baby Itch symptom. I cooed and ahhed and made noises that I do not know how to spell out and many other glazed-over eyes crazy things. I pretty much forgot that I was supposed to be hugging and greeting the many more people in my presence. The Baby Itch had taken over.

Okay. Breath...hee, hee, hooo. Hee, hee, hooo. See, I am ready for another one because I still have the breathing technique down pat. I hated that technique. My throat hurt just about as bad as the other unmentionable things that hurt after I delivered Little Man. Although I think that the technique was better than losing control and screaming.

So, I do want to tell you about The Destination. It was Two Tartes Bakery and Catering in a little Seattle area known as Georgetown. This is the AWESOME cafe that my sister Lori and her business partner Sue bought this year. The food is so amazing that I was able to give up holding The Nephew and devour some incredible chile verde and a great pesto, turkey and provolone panini. My sister is one of the most talented people I know. I cannot tell you enough about how incredible she is and how much I am in awe of her. Wow. I have to admit sadly that The Baby Itch was so overwhelming that I did not take any pictures while I was at the cafe. Bummer. If we go back I will try to get some photos for you but here is their website if you're curious

It was awesome to see other friends at the cafe and hang out for a while. The scene was pretty easy to describe...everyone just stared at The Nephew and made noises only helpless babes can pull out of grown adults.

We then came to The Nephew's Mommy and Daddy's townhouse. After hours of much more baby talk and other great conversation we had my FAVORITE food. Fresh Dungeness crab. Oh man, was I in Foodie Heaven.

Here are some pictures I took during the evening. This baby is SO CUTE. Oh my, I cannot tell you how much I love him already! You'll be so proud of me though...I have restrained from eating him up or squeezing him too hard. I can control The Baby Itch. I am in control. Heee, hee, hooo.

The Daddy was so cute singing in French to soothe his son. I could have cried just watching them.

One of my jobs while I am here is to take some more pictures of this adorable thing and help The Mommy put together a birth announcement. I am just so sad that I'll have to dress The Nephew up and take pictures of him (cause you all know I don't like to dress up kids or dogs or anything else that I can get my hands on.)

Off to drink some coffee...I am in Seattle, right?

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Anonymous said...

Can't guess why you have the BABY ITCH it's only a baby and he happens to be your sisters. I am jealous even if I was there with him is my arms last week. Have a great time, and remember when you return to Cody you can not take the baby with you....
Love Mom
the pics are great