Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

The Irrigator has still been working, working, working. With more snow this past week and then warm weather the demands are relentless! What is a Prairie Wife to do when her Irrigator doesn't seem to be able to be around? She puts on her irrigating boots, packs up her Little Irrigator, grabs a gun and hops on the ATV. I'll explain the gun part momentarily.

With the weather as nice as it is I don't mind going out for a while so that I can see who I am married to. The grass is just starting to turn and the views around here are so beautiful.

So why do I take a gun? Well, sitting around while The Irrigator does his work gets pretty boring. So, while he works I shoot. I helped site in the gun using a cardboard box as a target and I also was looking for prairie dogs to exterminate. Okay, I know some of you blog readers hate that I just said that. I just ask you to keep in mind that if your yard was being taken over and damaged by animals, or if your kitchen had an ant or roach infestation you would most likely try to eliminate the problem. That is what is happening on our ranch with prairie dogs. I am helping eliminate the problem.

Here is The Irrigator taking a break from irrigating and doing a little shooting himself

Here is Little Irrigator with his ear protection on
I am going to get on a little soap box for a minute.
Statistics show that in areas where kids are given gun education there is a much lower rate of death by firearms. A healthy respect and fear is taught and it has been shown that firearms are used in a more appropriate way with these educated kids. Gun safety is the number 1 thing we focused on when we were out shooting. Proper use of a gun, where to stand, ear protection, and dialogue about the danger was all an important part of being out with a gun. In our home, our guns are in a locked gun cabinet with the ammunition locked in a separate place. This is the only way to keep guns in our opinion.

Okay, end to the soap box...now to the irrigating!

Gated Pipe. A useful irrigating method but it takes a lot of time. Here the Irrigator is using his shovel to open and close the little "gates" or plastic covered openings on the field side
Here is Little Irrigator using all of his might to carry the wrench to Daddy Irrigator

This big ol' sprinkler is called a center pivot. These are the Daddy Of 'Em All in the Irrigating World. I love center pivots. They enable me to see more of The Irrigator...when they're working!

Do you see the Little Irrigator? Isn't he such a big helper?

Please, no dropping big heavy pieces of metal on the Little Irrigator

This is how Prairie Kids get their exercise. It is the way we exercised our dog too. Run behind the ATV.

Isn't there something about strong, brave men that just trips your trigger?
Little Irrigator was looking for the Meadow Larks that were singing. Meadow Larks are our state bird. They have a beautiful song and have bright yellow on them also.
The Photographer tried to take some cute shots of Little Irrigator but she had her lighting all screwed up. Oops. But he's still cute, eh?


Amanda said...

A girl gun day is definitly in order when the weather gets warm again.

Prairie Mama said...

I agree! Faith is ready to shoot also. I wonder if we can break our old record!

Anonymous said...

this is so fun Erin! I wish i had an irricgater...or maybe just some one who trips my trigger! haha miss you!

monica said...

k the last comment was me! haha