Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three Sisters And A Baby

Yesterday was another incredible day with The Nephew and family. The Mommy and Daddy and I hung out most of the day watching The Nephew. I took so many pictures. And many of them are the same shot over and over and over again...but thankfully The Nephew would move his head or arms or something else to make each shot a bit different. I am not making it easy on The Mommy and Daddy to decide which picture(s) to use on their announcements. And guess what? I have a whole new outfit and scene to put together today!

The weather is amazing. We walked to the Asian market yesterday. I found some yellow curry mix in packets that should be like the Thai dish that I love in Billings. I hope I can replicate it at home. The culture here is so diverse and it is so fun for me. I was describing our diverse Wyoming culture to The Daddy, who speaks five languages fluently and has lived in at least four different countries. I told him, "You have a lot of choices in can be a cowboy with blond hair, or a cowboy with brown hair." Okay, okay, I know that not EVERY man in Wyoming is a cowboy...but come on! The Mommy asked me "are there any black people in Wyoming?" I told her that I knew about one inter-racial family in Cody. WOW! DIVERSITY!

Now I want to tell you about the incredible food of yesterday. At the Asian market we picked up some sushi and had it tie us over until my sister, The Culinary Master, came over with a feast. We started out with seared Ahi on a crispy wanton with wasabi mayo. It was deliciosso. We also had a spicy marinated shrimp that was so, so yummy. She paired the entire meal with a nice Pinot Grigio. For dinner she served a caramelized salmon fillet with a mixed vegetable stir fry and rice topped with a citrus sauce. It was so amazing. The Mommy said to The Culinary Master, "how long have you been making this?" The Culinary Master said, "Since today." She just gets in the kitchen and can create and put things together like no other. I think I should adventure into getting her a show on the Food Network.

Okay, now for dessert. We had a vanilla raspberry cheesecake and, well, how do I put it...ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH! A chocolate, Kahlua, almond cheesecake that was heavenly. I am just going to pause for a moment and reflect on the memory of the Heavenly Cheesecake.

Here is a photo of The Best Cheesecake In The World and Beyond

Okay, want to see some pictures of The Nephew?

This is me holding The Nephew. I love this shot.

Well, I am off to get the Dungeness Crab Eggs Florentine ready for a little brunch. What a rough time I am having here, eh? I will have plenty more pics and foodie stories for you soon I am sure!

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