Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two Tartes Cafe and Catering

I decided to see if I left any pictures on my camera from Seattle and sure enough I did! And they were the Two Tartes pictures, so now I can put together my "dedicated post."

Two Tartes...aggressively uncool? I think not.

This is looking into the cafe. It is an inviting atmosphere with amazing smells and... beautiful displays of food.Want a massage?

My "adopted" sister Michelle is happy to ease that

neck and shoulder tension during the

2nd Saturday of the month "Art Attack."

My sister Shannon is the pampered one in the chair.

Reading this sign just makes me drool...the calzones were excellent.

I think we ended up ordering them 3 times over that night! And my favorite line is the one in pink. I like this philosophy. And my mom actually did teach us to eat brownies, pie, and cookies for breakfast. Thanks Mom!

I think Two Tartes is using Baby Kai as a marketing tool.

And it worked!

Here are my beautiful sisters and The Nephew.

I love this shot. It's a framer.

Remember I told you about the drummers? Well, here they are.

They were incredible and they drew quite a crowd!

Michelle and Floyd did a little jig while listening...

Two're awesome. I can't wait to get back there and gain 5 more pounds. Thanks for making my trip a culinary experience to never be forgotten.

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