Monday, April 7, 2008

Tissue Update

I was sitting on the couch yesterday. And all of the sudden I look over and The Hubby is sitting next to me with a Walmart bag full of...something. And he opens it up and takes the Kleenex box from the back of the couch. Now, I knew this was the Kleenex box from the "Tissue Anyone?" post. How did I know? Because, being the procrastinator of our relationship, I left the tissues in a big pile next to the empty box on the office desk. The next day they were gone and the Kleenex box on the back of the couch was full of crumpled up tissues. I remember thinking "Wow! How'd he get them all in there?"

The Hubby had not fit all of the Kleenex back in the box. Nope, he stored the remaining ones in the handy-dandy Walmart sack in a place that I was unaware of and now he was "restocking."

I couldn't resist the opportunity to document this via digital photography and share the experience with you all. I wonder if you find this as amusing as I do. I really don't think this is normal Hubby Behavior. Feel free to confirm this or correct this for me in the comments.

What does this picture say?

Look, The Clone decided to help The Daddy
And now we have a full box of Kleenex again.

I have a unique husband, don't I? Now we know where Little Man must get all of his special qualities!
Are you still praying for me?

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Amanda said...

Top picture:
"I'm actually the one who pulled out all the tissues. HE HE! And she blamed it on the clone!"