Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How To Survive The Start Of Irrigating Season

How does a Ranch Wife survive the start of Irrigating Season? Well, first let's analyze what Irrigating Season means.

1. Preparation. Burning, cleaning, dragging, clearing, checking, etc.

2. Long days. The Irrigator starts at sun up and sometimes works until after dark.

3. Disasters. Flooding, setting fields on fire, broken frames on trailers, getting ATVs stuck in huge melting snow drifts on the mountain.

4. Sunburns. And The Irrigator even wore sunscreen.

5. Mud. Hopefully the bulk of this can be kept in the garage or outside.

6. A lonely Ranch Wife.

So, how does she survive? There is one clear answer:


Thank you to all of my girlfriends who are helping me survive the start of The Season. I would just like to take a minute here and personally list my great girls:

Faith the Fabulous
Monica the Magnificent (I miss you)
Amanda the Amazing
Erin the Extravagant
Christina the Cool Cat

Girlfriends. There is nothing like 'em. We have had some fun adventures together including dinner out, dinner in, checking out new kitchen paint, crashing a middle school hang out night, going to a home and garden show, entering every contest at the show and not winning anything,
and a fun trip to Billings.

Through this fun Girl Time we have reminisced. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry about some of the things we've remembered and how that dates us. It just reminded me that I am turning 30 soon whether I am ready or not!

Here are some of our memories:

- Jelly Shoes

- Z. Cavaricci

- Esprit, Guess, and the United Colors of Benetton

- Pegging our jeans

- Converse

- One strap-over-the-shoulder overalls

- BIG bangs

- Fluorescent colors

- Wooden clogs

- Boat shoes

-Rugby shirts


What was really scary was when we walked into Target and THERE WERE JELLY SHOES for sale! I put a pair on with my pretty printed socks and did a fashion show for Faith the Fabulous. Then we acted out the types of dancing we did in junior high and I demonstrated the difference in straight, stiff-armed slow dancing in junior high vs. the not-so-stiff-armed dancing that we converted to in high school.

And then when we went to Payless THERE WERE BOAT SHOES! You know, there really are some things that shouldn't be resurrected. Boat shoes and jelly shoes would both fall into that category in my strong opinion. What do you think? Maybe I will post a survey to find out how you all feel about 80's foot fashion.

Again, I say THANK YOU to the wonderful Ranch Wife Saving Girlfriends that I have.

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