Friday, April 4, 2008

The Tailored Roping of Jesus

The Measuring Tape is proving to be quite the "toy" this week. As you might have seen, it was The Bath Towel in the last post. Well, today we're roping! Here is a well thought out and very detailed post on "How to Rope Jesus." What? Jesus? Yes. When I asked The Roper what he was roping he thought for a bit and said very matter-of-factly "Jesus!" I did try to explain that roping was for cattle...not Jesus. But who am I to argue with a 2 year old? What do I know about roping?

First, The Boots must be on...even if you don't have socks.
Do you think we're going to have lifelong
problems keeping the pants above the rear?

It does not matter in roping if you're boots are on the right feet.

Then, you ready your rope.

And, of course,

you stick your tongue out of your mouth as you swing

so that you can catch Jesus.

I am sorry, Jesus. We'll work on the catch being a bit smoother. And maybe we'll work on the understanding of roping cattle as well. At least he knows You're around to play! Did he get Your head or heels?

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Anonymous said...

thats great erin! how funny! i love living at your house!