Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sicky House

I don't know where it came from but we're sick! Little Man and I both started getting symptoms yesterday. He had a clear runny nose and my throat started hurting pretty bad. Last night I could hear him crying several times and I had night sweats...yuck! This morning he got up with a 101.5 fever and my throat is not in good shape! I think we might have strep.

So, I got out the trusty naturopath remedy for strep and started us on it this morning. I have had strep at least 4 times since I was preggers with Little Man and this remedy has kicked it without me going on antibiotics every time. Let's hope and pray that it will do the trick for both of us because I would love to keep Little Man from antibiotics. He's never had to go on them and my desire is to keep it that way.

One of the remedies is super bad tasting. Little man only gets to drink milk and water so I did a Mean Mommy trick this morning on him and offered him some juice through a straw. I did warn him it didn't taste very good. He excitedly took a sip since he was thrilled to get some juice. His face turned quickly and he pulled back his head. "Yucky, Mommy. Yucky duice." But my Little Trooper hung in there and finished the dose with a little coaxing.

It snowed here yesterday and is supposed to be cold until Monday. The timing was perfect because we were supposed to brand at Dad's today. I wouldn't have been able to go feeling this way. The weather postponed the branding until Monday! So, hopefully I'll have an exciting post for you after that.

I think we'll watch movies and lay low today. Who can complain about that? Hope you all stay sicky free!


The Cowboy's Wife said...

What are those sweet little remedies you wrote about? John has had a sore throat for weeks now. Maybe I can get him to drink some "Yucky Duice".

Prairie Mama said...

They are remedies from my naturopath. He sends them in the mail...don't think you can get that stuff around here. He lives in Laramie and orders them from Atlanta.

And I need your email! : )