Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Like Brother, Like Sister

I have fantastic news! I'm pregnant!

April Fool's Day.

I am not pregnant but I am impregnated by TODDLER CRAZIES! Today The Nudist found a new way to express himself in the buff. His imagination and playing pretend is blossoming, as all of you who read about The Butcher know.

Well, today I was graced with his nudity when I found him in his new "bath tub"..the empty toy box. Wait until you see what his "towel" was.

Now for the "towel"...see that measuring tape he's "drying off" with? Yep, that's the "towel!" I wonder if it did the trick. Hmmm.

Lil' Sis caught on fast. It wasn't but minutes after I got The Nudist clothed again that she was following suit. Let's just hope and pray that she doesn't learn how to unzip those pj's any time soon!

Now, do you really think that when I get pregnant again I will first announce it on this blog? Come on folks, get real.


diana said...

I'm thinking you should just let him run around naked. Think about how much you'd save on clothes and you wouldn't have to do as much laundry!

Amanda said...

Oh the joys of youth! Just promise me if you or Eric ever get the urge, don't use the camera. HA HA!

Anonymous said...

this is just like his Mommy pretend with just about anything!!!
lucky you