Friday, April 18, 2008

Home and Slackin'

I got home on Tuesday night. I didn't know how much it would hit me to see Little Man when I arrived. I cried. And he looked so big! I said, "I missed you" and then he, for the first time, said, "Mommy, I missed you!" And I have heard that over and over ever since I got home. Talk about a heart melter!

Before I left I had to say goodbye for now to Lil' Miss. I knew when I said goodbye to her on the morning I left that she wouldn't be coming back into our home when I returned. I don't know what the future holds, there are possibilities she will return to our home and possibilities that she will not. I have left this in the hands of our trustworthy Father and He has provided the comfort and peace that we all need. I did go and see her yesterday. It was bittersweet.

As for slackin', well, I watched two movies and napped the day after I got home! I didn't feel tired when I left Seattle but man did it hit me when I returned! The down time and alone time was just what I needed I guess.

Yesterday I made it to Bible Study and had lunch with my group. We had a blast. I love my group this year. What a great group of women! And I got more great girl time last night when Monica the Magnificent and Faith the Fabulous and I went out for dinner and hung out for a while. Little Farmer was thrilled to spend time in the tractor with The Farming Daddy who needed to keep plugging away so it worked out great for all of us. Today I am going to "slack off" some more and go to the Home and Garden show in Cody with more girlfriends.

Monica the Magnificent left this morning and will be gone for about a month. This will be tough since she and I connect on such a regular basis. Actually, she stayed with us for 9 days before I went on my trip and usually we spend every Tuesday evening together. I WILL MISS YOU, MON-A-TY-YA (as Little Man affectionately calls her)!

I have one funny for you before I let you go...I know this was more of a "daily diary" post than a great story. I decided to post this hum-drum to at least have a post! You'll like this next little laugh though.

This morning I was in the kitchen and I reached for a Kleenex. This is not the same Kleenex box that Little Man emptied out in the family room, however, it was filled with crumpled up Kleenex. Then it dawned on me...when The Hubby saw that this box was empty or getting close, he "re-filled" it with The Kleenex from The Walmart Sack. All I can do is smile.

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The Cowboy's Wife said...

Hey Erin,
I took your advise & got a blog too. There's some pics of the wedding on there if you wanna go check it out.
Looking forward to getting together with you guys!