Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God's Creation

After The Branding I shared that The Irrigator had to be out for awhile. He also had to check a head gate that is miles up the road from our place toward the mountains in which he took the Little Irrigator and myself with. The place is called Joe Moss. It is not far from Spring Creek Oil Field and just at the base of Carter Mountain. You have to cross over a few other places on the oil road to get there. Here is the splendor of what we got to see:

The first group of elk was some bulls. The little spike hadn't yet lost his antlers but the others already had velvet nubs starting. This was still on our ranch before we crossed over to the next place.

On our way there and back we stopped and looked at hundreds more elk scattered about. We were losing light so the pictures weren't the best but in this next one you can see all of the brown spots in the field were grazing elk.

Here is a shot of some cows with Franks Peak in the background. That is my favorite mountain and I get to look at it every day out the back of my house!

Now that I can tell what time the light is right I will hopefully be able to get out and get some more pictures. The weather is turning cold again and usually I stay in when that happens! We'll see!

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Monica said...

when i get my camera cord your going to see some of Gods handy work on the east coast! gosh i miss you...